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Other Essentials


Mineral Feeder Sleds

Ideal for farmers that do grass fed beef where pasture rotation is part of the daily routine.  This sled was invented to prevent having to lug the heavy tub full of mineral/salt around following the moving cows.  The feeder sled is light weight, sturdy and easily glides over all types of terrain. Now all I have to do is hook the chain to my four wheeler and away we go! Although designed for minerals, the tub can serve water or grains to all types of livestock.
Tub and Cover

Sled, Tub and Cover Combo



Easy to use - Accurate - Test Takes About 1 Minute

Compact and Portable, No Batteries - One Moving Part

Durable Protective Case - Will Last Practically Forever

Large Scale - Easy to Read

Precision Machined Aluminum Barrel

Monocular Eyepiece - Tight Focus


Sap Extractors

Precision-welded stainless steel tubing attached to a large pair of wide grips. You can use other squeezers or devices, but nothing gets the sap out of a leaf, stem, fruit or vegetable like this squeezer! Take a ball of plant material and roll it between your palms; clamp it down with the powerful jaws and extract the sap.